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Winter Sim 2014

At the Winter Simulation Conference in Savannah, Georgia (http://wintersim.org). The venue has been very nice and the program has been outstanding. My students, Ashkan Negahban and Mohammad Ansari gave a presentation about HistoRIA - the input analysis tool that they have been working on over the last year.

Simio Releases Version 7

Simio recently release Version 7, a major update to the simulation software package. The update includes lots of new and improved features as well as significant speed-ups for many modeling configurations. For more details, Click Here.

Attending the INFORMS Annual Conference

The conference is in San Francisco this year (at the Hilton at Union Square). As usual, the venue is very crowded, but it's good to see colleagues and have some informal discussion with several candidates for our open faculty position.

Simio Advanced Practitioner Training for Academics

Currently in Sewickley, PA teaching a Simio training course targeted at academics who are interested in teaching and/or doing research with Simio. The course lasts two full (long) days and the pace is pretty quick. All of the attendees have significant experience with simulation, so we're focusing exclusively on "how to use and teach Simio."

Back from sabbatical - continuing to work on training

Sabbatical was an excellent experience. Now I'm back at Auburn, but I'm continuing to work on education modules and on Simio training. You can see my intermediate results in the Learning Simio Lab Series. As usual, comments are most welcome!

Education Modules with Simio

One of my objectives during my sabbatical at Simio is to develop some educational/training modules pertaining to simulation, Simio, and Simio RPS (Risk-based planning and scheduling). You can see these video modules in the Edu Mods (Educational Modules) menu item. Please have a look and leave a comment letting me (and other readers) know your thoughts/suggestions.

Prepping for the first international version of the Winter Simulation Conference

The 2012 Winter Simulation Conference (http://wintersim.org) will be held in Berlin, Germany. This is the first "international" version of the premiere annual conference focusing on tools, applications, research, and education involving discrete-event simulation.

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