INSY 3010

These video modules are part of the INSY 3010 - Programming and Database Applications for IE course at Auburn.

00 Thinking Algorithmically

This section will include several modules focused on algorithm development and examples of "thinking algorithmically."

01 Computing the Sample Mean and Sample Variance


Two minor errors in the video:
1. In the manual calculation of the sample mean, I forgot the first number (123)
2. In the pseudo code for the sample variance, the initial condition should be (count > 1) instead of (count > 0) since we divide by (count-1) to get the sample variance.

02 Assignment Problems - Developing Simple Algorithms

03 Summary - The 4 Pillars

01 Directories, Files, and the CMD Prompt

02 Programs and Python

03 Snipping Tool and Text Editing

04 Running Python Programs

05 Creating a Directory Structure

06 Python Script to Compute the Sample Mean

07 - Homework 4 - Details

08 Pairwise Interchange Heuristics with the LAP

09 Cards Module

10 Dice and Craps Modules

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11 Mfg. Monte Carlo Example

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12 - Mapping E-R Diagrams to Table Structures

This module includes three videos that focus on mapping E-R diagrams to database tables and implementing these tables using MySQL.

Airline Example

Music Example

University Example