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Flow Library Example

Flow Library Example - This example models a simple bottle-filling operation using objects from the Simio Flow Library (along with objects from the Standard Library). The model also demonstrates how to use add-on processes to interact with the Flow Library objects.

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Flow Library Example With Filler Object

Flow Library Example With Filler Object - This example models a bottle filling operation and uses objects from the Flow Library and from an example extended flow library. For this model, no add-on processes were used.

Note that the video uses an older version of the Extended Flow Library, so your library view wont' look exactly the same as the view on the video (in particular, the name of the library has been updated and the Model Entity object has been removed from the library).

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Operator Going Off-shift Suspends Processing

(There are two videos in this module)

In this example, an operator is required to support processing on a server. There are two operators -- one that works first shift and one that works second shift. If an operator is working at a server when s/he is supposed to go off-shift, the default Simio behavior is for the operator to continue until the current process completes and then go off-shift. Instead, we want the server process to be suspended, the operator to be released, and the server process to resume when the next operator comes on-shift.

Models used in videos: Pre-Sprint 83 model and Sprint 83 model

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