PGA Project

This project started when Professor Kevin Gue and I attended a PGA-related session at the 2009 INFORMS Annual Conference. It was at that session that we were introduced to ShotLink data and the PGA Academic Program. Using the ShotLink data, we developed a Markov Chain-based model for predicting the results of match-play events in golf. Work on this model continues and we expect to test the models at the upcoming President's Cup and Ryder Cup events. In addition, we are also working on extending or model for use in stroke-play.

The current data site address is: Note that we are still very much in "development mode" so the behavior of the site will be unpredictable from time to time and the analyses do not yet include full explanations.

Discuss the project and give your suggestions at the PGA Project Forum.



Special thanks to the PGA Tour for providing access to the ShotLink data that are critical to this project.