Automated Dynamic Display of Measures of Risk and Error (ADD-More).

Automated Dynamic Display of Measures of Risk and Error (ADD-MORE) is a tool that is designed to facilitate simulation output analysis. The ADD-MORE Excel Add-Inn automates the evaluation and visualization of measures of risk and error (MORE) for performance measures that change over time. The tool takes raw simulation output, automatically calculates the pertinent MORE values, and generates side-by-side MORE plots for different time ticks according to a user-specified interval to characterize how the mean and percentiles of a time-dependent statistic and their corresponding confidence intervals change over time. The video linked below provides a comprehensive description of the tool and a tutorial of its use.

How to Install
This tool is developed by unofficial programmers. It is safe and does not contain any virus but it is not signed by a certified signature owner (which is pretty expensive and would have prevented the tool to be free).
Depending on the antivirus software installed on you PC, the action it takes toward the unsigned application might be different.
1. The antivirus only shows warning when installing
2. The antivirus deleted the .exe file when extracted. In this case, turn the antivirus off and then re-extract the files again.
3. The files can be unzipped, but when installing, it shows a warning without the option to install the add-in. In this case, right click on all application files, select properties and there, check the unblock box and click OK.
When installing, you will get a warning regarding that the software publisher cannot be verified and if you are sure you want to install the customization. Click on the install button with no worries.

How to cite ADD-MORE
Negahban, A., Ansari, M., Smith, J.S., 2016. “ADD-MORE: Automated Dynamic Display of Measures of Risk and Error”. Proceedings of the 2016 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC'16)

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