Series Introduction and Objectives

The Learning Simio Lab Series is a series of lab modules designed to teach Simio. The labs can be used in conjunction with a simulation course or as a stand-alone learning aid. Each module consists of a set of videos and supporting presentation and model files. Our current plan is to have between 12 and 14 modules (appropriate for a semester-long course including a 3-hour weekly lab).

The embedded videos are hosted on YouTube and are configured to work at 960x540 resolution. With a slow internet connection, the videos sometimes appear "fuzzy" and out of focus. The view quality improves over time (and with increased internet speed).

Please feel free to leave comments about the labs -- all of the pages *should* allow anonymous comments. Note that the comments are moderated, so they won't appear immediately. Please also feel free to email me ( if you have any comments/questions about the labs.

The labs have been developed with the financial support of Simio LLC. All of the lab files (including the MP4 video files) will be freely available through Simio once they are completed. Contact Dave Sturrock for more information.