EAMC Auburn COVID Vaccination Clinic Model

This video shows the current version of the Simio model for the EAMC Auburn COIVD vaccination clinic in the former Tuesday Morning building on Opelika Road (see the Model Template page for more details about the model itself and the AUSim Vaccine Clinic Evaluation, Design, and Setup Project page for more project-related information). I’ll update the video as we update the model. Note that there is a small error in the video where I show the total queue time for patients. The display units are minutes rather than hours, so where I say the the average patient queue time is .36 hours, it’s actually .36 minutes (quite a big difference — especially to the patients!).

As noted in this video, improved time estimates based on observed data would allow us to do more detailed analysis. The operations include:

  • Check-in time – the average number of minutes to check a patient in
  • Inoculation time – the average number of minutes for the clinician to do the patient Q&A, inject the patient, update the online records, clean the space
  • Extra Q&A time for high-risk patients
  • Time for the pharmacy to prepare a batch of syringes for delivery to the inoculation modules
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