Educational Modules

Sorry in advance, but I’m still working on getting the files (models, slides, data, etc.) linked to the pages, but many are still missing.

Simio Q&AAnswers to questions asked by Simio users and students. Only a few videos currently, but I expect this to change as more users email questions.
Learning Simio Lab SeriesA 13-module series for learning the Simio simulation package. Designed to be used as part of the lab component for a 3-hour undergraduate simulation class.
Analytics Course ModulesVideo modules used as part of the INSY 6500 and INSY 7120 courses at Auburn University.
General Simulation ModulesMiscellaneous simulation-related modules.
Flexible Manufacturing Cell Simulation with Simio RPSAn 11-video module that demonstrates the dual-use of a simulation model for design and operation.
Simulation-based Planning and Scheduling Course ModulesVideo modules used as part of the INSY 6450/5450 course at Auburn University.

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