Welcome to jsmith.co – The Online Home of Professor Jeff Smith of the Industrial & Systems Engineering Department at Auburn University. My teaching and research work focus on applications of discrete-event simulation. Not familiar with simulation – have a look at this video introduction from my simulation Q&A series!

For you frequent visitors, you can see that this site has completely changed. I switched form Drupal to WordPress — unfortunately, I don’t yet know how to use WordPress! In case you’re wondering … no, I did no plan to change. Major software changes and my own procrastination got the better of me. Please be patient.

The 6th Edition of Simio and Simulation: Modeling, Analysis, Applications will be released very soon and will be 100% free online at https://textbook.simio.com/SASMAA/. The pre-release draft is available now!

If you are looking for my Educational Videos – Check the Educational Videos page (it’s a work-in-progress, though and I’ll get them completely back up as soon as I can).

You can also visit my YouTube channel. All of my videos are hosted there.

Working area:

Modules for INSY 6450/5450

INSY 6450/5450 from Spring 2022 (in progress)

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Modeling and Analysis Project

General Simulation Modules

Learning Simio Lab Series

Modules for INSY 6500/6506

Simio Q&A Videos

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