Learning Simio Lab Series (LSLS)

A 13-module series for learning the Simio simulation package. Designed to be used as part of the lab component for a 3-hour undergraduate simulation class. Note that many of the text descriptions and non-video files (models, slides, data, etc.) are still missing – I’m working on this so please be patient. The videos were recorded several years (and many versions of Simio) ago, but the key concepts are still relevant to simulation and Simio.

Module 01Introduction: Evaluating modifications to a drivers’ license facility.5 Videos
Module 02Developing a 3-stage manufacturing system, using symbols and symbol lists and learning about Simio experiment responses and SMORE plots.5 Videos
Module 03Demonstrates how to use event mode for the Source object, reference properties, buffer capacities for the Server object, and the basics of dynamic charts.5 Videos
Module 04This module focuses on symbols – including a more detailed look at how to use and create symbols and how to find existing symbols using the Trimble 3D warehouse.5 Videos
Module 05This module focuses on routing entities in Simio models.5 Videos
Module 06Expands on entity routing by introducing free-space entity travel and routing by entity sequences.5 Videos
Module 07Simio processes and add-on processes.5 Videos
Module 08Using Simio Data Tables.5 Videos
Module 09User-defined statistics (Output, Tally, and State) and demonstrates how to use add-on processes and resource lists to implement a secondary resource requirement.5 Videos
Module 10Ranking and Selection using OptQuestion, Subset Selection, and Select Best using KN.5 Videos
Module 11Using Vehicle and Conveyor objects to transport entities.4 Videos
Module 12Defining and using custom objects.5 Videos
Debugging ModuleFinding and fixing model errors — i.e., debugging using Simio.1 Video

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