General Simulation Modules

List of general simulation modules.

Manual Discrete-Event SimulationIllustrates the basic concepts of discrete-event simulation using two examples. Concepts include events, event calendars, sample paths, and performance metrics.
Initial Transient and BiasTwo videos that illustrate the initial transient period in simulation – the first video shows a by-hand model and the second shows a Simio model of the same system.
Impact of VariabilityTwo videos that illustrate the impact of variability in a simple single-server queueing system. One video uses queueing analysis and the other uses a Simio model.
Monte Carlo IntegrationA video demonstrating how to use Monte Carlo Simulation to estimate the integral of a function on a definite interval.
Random Variate GenerationTwo videos that describe and demonstrate general methods for generating random variates.
Event-oriented Simulation ExamplesTwo examples of developing the event-oriented simulation logic for service systems.
Non-stationary Arrival Process ExampleAn example of modeling a non-stationary arrival process in Simio.
Confidence IntervalsDescribes the concept and applications of confidence intervals on the mean of random variables in a simulation context.
User-specified Statistics in SimioDescribes the concepts, applications, and examples of user-specified statistics in Simio.

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