Inoculation Module Model

This model is part of the AUSim Vaccination Clinic Evaluation, Design, and Setup Project.

For this model, we partition the “inoculation” time into three phases: pre-injection; injection; and post-injection and allow the user to specify the number of clinical resources (required for the injection component) and administrative resources (able to do the pre- and post- processes) along with the number of patient seats in the module. Based on these parameters, the model predicts the module throughput rate (in patients per hour) and the patient processing time (used for the main clinic model).

Overview (not too technical) description of the model.

Download the model (created with Simio version 12.215)

I’m hoping that a “simulation person” out there will find this interesting and will integrate the inoculation module object into the main clinic model. This would allow the user to more easily experiment with a larger set of staffing configurations. Note that I don’t believe that this integration will be too difficult (assuming that you know Simio) and could be fun!

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