Integrating Simio and Gurobi

In the video, my PhD student, Grant Romine, shows the technical details of using a Gurobi optimization to make decisions in Simio model. The model has a periodic order review process where we use the Gurobi model to solve a very simple order fulfillment problem. Our goal here is to demonstrate the integration technology stack, so the model is ridiculously simple. However, the same concepts and tools. will work with arbitrarily complex models. You can download the support files below.

The video below is from the 2022 Simio Sync conference that was held in February.

You can download an associated zip file here: The zip file includes a PDF document with the instructions for configuring the tools, the sample Simio model, the Python script, a MSSQL backup file, and the CallPython.dll file for CallPython step.

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