VM03 – Scheduling-type Job Shop Models

This module includes 3 videos (89:28 minutes, total) and incorporates several modeling concepts useful for scheduling applications. The concepts include data-generated modeling, custom objects, binding/importing data tables, dashboards, dispatching, and work schedules. Note that Video 03 was “added on” at the end and the material doesn’t show up in the Module Objectives slide in Video 01 (but it’s good material!)

Video 01 – Module objectives and baseline Simio model

Video 02 – Custom Objects, Binding/Importing Tables, Dashboards, Dispatching, and Work Schedules. The two dashboard xml files that you will need to build the model are here (depending on your browser settings, you might have to override security to download the zip file since it includes xml).

Video 03 – Simio Project Templates – Note that this was an add-on video and doesn’t show up in the introduction/objectives from Video 01.

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