VM06 – Aubie Electronics

This module includes 3 views for a total of 83:07 minutes. You should watch this week’s lecture video before watching this one. I pick up here where I left off there.

Before the video module starts, the 7:49 minute video below is an addendum to this week’s lecture – it includes some important summary comments that I somehow forgot at the end of the lecture!

Video 01 – Introduction and Module Objectives

Video 02 – Model Implementation Part 1.

Video 03 – Model Implementation Part 2.
Note that there is a small error at time 30:40 in this video. When I’m adding the Constraint Logic Element, the Quantity property should be BillOfMaterials.Qty * Orders.Qty (in the video, I forgot to multiply by the Order quantity — this will make more sense when you’re watching the video).

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