Simio Q&A

After answering quite a few questions over the years and then “losing” the answers once they were delivered, I decided to record some of them. If you find these useful and have other questions, feel free to send me a note with your questions.

1.What is Simulation?Answers the question of “What is Simulation” in the context of our simulation-related courses at Auburn.
2.Blocking WorkersTwo workers are blocking each other as they move around a worker network.
3.Notify StepUsing the Notify step to report entity information for each entity.
4.Task Sequences ExampleThis one is not really a “question” as much as it is a modeling recommendation for using Task Sequences rather than add-on processes to implement sequential tasks on servers. This is a Zoom meeting with my long-time WSC Board of Directors colleague Enver Yucesan. Download the model file.
5.AutoCreate ExampleIn this video I walk thorough a partial rebuild of the Vaccine Clinic Model and demonstrate how to use AutoCreate and custom objects. This video will make more sense if you’ve seen the second video from the Vaccine Clinic Model page.

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