INSY 6450 Spring 2022

Simulation-based Planning and Scheduling

I’ve tried to divide the weekly material (nominally 150 minutes/week) into “lectures” and “video modules.” The lectures below are unedited (sorry) recordings of my live lectures, and the video modules are all pre-recorded and have been edited (somewhat). I’ve also tried to include any files that I provide the class and assignments. Here’s the course syllabus for your reference. Weekly lectures are on Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. CST — look for them to be posted Tuesday evenings. Here are the Course Slides that I use in the videos.

WeekLectureVideo ModuleFiles/Assignments
1Course Introduction and AdministrationVM01 – Simio and Simulation RefresherCase Study 01
2Scheduling, Dispatching, and Schedule GenerationVM02 – Initial Job Shop Models
3Schedule Generation, Simulation-based Scheduling, and Simio RPSVM03 – Scheduling-type Job Shop ModelsCase Study 02
4Dispatching and Introduction to Task SequencesVM04 – Task Sequences 1
5Materials and InventoriesVM05 – Materials and Inventories
6Case Study 03 – Planning
(Note that VM06 includes a short addendum tot this lecture — some summary comments that I somehow forgot.)
VM06 – Aubie ElectronicsCase Study 03
(Note that I made a couple of changes to setup and processing times after making the videos. You should use the values in the assignment document when they differ from those in the video).
7Exam 1 week – Nothing to post.
8Case Study 03 update, Questions, Dispatching, Exam 1 DiscussionVM07 – Dispatching
9Dashboard Reports – IntroductionVM08 – Dashboards
10Case Study 04 PlanningZoom Q&A SessionCase Study 04
11ISA95 Template and Miscellaneous TopicsZoom Q&A Session
12Guest Lecture on the Simio Digital Twin SolutionZoom Q&A SessionCase Study 05
13Q&A + Review
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