Simulation-based Planning and Scheduling Course Modules

These modules support the INSY 6450/5450 (Simulation-based Planning and Scheduling) course in the Industrial & Systems Engineering Department at Auburn. Several of these video modules relate directly to the class lectures — you can see the lectures from the Spring 2022 offering of the course at INSY 6450 Spring 2022 (the video module links are also there).

VM01 – Simio and Simulation RefresherA 7-video module (89:05 minutes total) that (hopefully) refreshes your memory of Simio and Simulation. In this module, we use a tandem queueing model and create several different Simio models illustrating several basing modeling concepts.
VM02 – Initial Job Shop ModelsA 3-video module (99:08 minutes total) that focuses on job shops and developing a set of initial Simio modes.
VM03 – Scheduling-type Job Shop ModelsA 3-video module (89:28 minutes total) that continues with the job shop models from VM02 and incorporates scheduling-related features and concepts.
VM04 – Task Sequences 1This 3-vdeio module (78:38 minutes total) shows three simple Task Sequence-based models.
VM05 – Materials and InventoriesThis 3-video module (69:15 minutes total) describes the Simio Materials and Inventory elements and develops some related example models.
VM06 – Aubie ElectronicsThis 3-video module (83:07 minutes total) implements the baseline model for Aubie Electronics – a Case Study in the INSY 6450 course).
VM07 – DispatchingThis 2-vide module (43:19 minutes total) demonstrates how to use different dispatching rules with the Aubie Electronics model developed in VM06 and how to implement a GlobalSelectionRule that can be applied to multiple objects.
VM08 – DashboardsThis 4-video (44:48 minutes total) introduces Simio dashboard reports and implements three different dashboards for the Aubie Electronics model.

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